--- Strategy Consulting Packages ---

While Strategy Launch makes it easy to document, monitor and execute your plan, sometimes you want some expert guidance to get it right. Call us at 866-999-9155 for more information, or email: info@strategylaunch.com. We offer the following for Strategy Launch Clients:

All Strategy Launch users receive

· Unlimited tech support 

· Unlimited customer service support for simple how-to questions 

· Access to tutorials and help videos  

Get us Launched! $800

· Virtual support from a facilitator to document your existing plan for 2 hours 

· Ongoing facilitator support of an additional 2 hours to maintain the program 

Professional Facilitator Basic $4,500* 

· One day of on-site facilitation from a professional strategic planner 

· 5 hours of virtual support from your facilitator to document and further guide you 

Professional Facilitator Complete $18,000*

· A 1/2 day pre-planning meeting with key executives for orientation and to prepare for planning

· Guidance for gathering information, research, benchmarking, etc.

· Interviews with stakeholders to gain perspectives - up to 15 interviews

· Report on findings of the pre-planning process above 

· Three days of on-site facilitation with your facilitator to build and document your complete strategic plan. This includes every phase from Vision building to Resource-Modeling. 

· 8 hours of virtual support from your facilitator to guide the execution of your plan 

Certified Master Facilitator Complete $24,000* 

· The Professional Facilitator Complete package, delivered by a CMF (Certified Master Facilitator) as designated by the International Institute for Facilitation   

* We offer a 10% discount for not-for-profit entities. Additional days may be purchased on an as-needed basis.  

Call us at 866-999-9155 for more details.

Leadership & Team Development

Need to develop your team? We've got experience in leadership development, coaching, and team building. The culmination of a high-performing team, and a killer strategic plan is success beyond your wildest dreams.

Call us for more info:          866-999-9155 

Organizational Assessment

Getting to the roots of the issues is a great way to focus your strategic plan. We can help you to identify what's really working, what's not, and where you should focus your efforts.

 Call us for more info:          866-999-9155