The Strategy Launch story...

Once Upon a Time... There was a facilitator. He had already worked in the business world for 6 years in financial planning, but then followed his passion for developing people and landed at a place called Camp Joy in Clarksville, OH to run corporate team building programs. After three years he realized that there was a great marriage between business planning and team building in Strategic Planning. He left Camp Joy and found some experts in strategic planning with whom he could partner. These experts were excellent, but the facilitator wanted even more. He kept refining his process until his execution was 6 times the average rate, but the tools for success in execution were just not great. [Enter the BIG IDEA!] The technology base had existed for a while, but no one had built a great tool for building and executing the most important document any organization has - its strategic plan. So, he found 3 great partners with teams behind them and Strategy Launch was, well... launched! You can see the founder in the videos below...

The Team...

Brandon Allen - Strategic Planning guru and master facilitator

Jacob Ralph - Child prodigy and IT genius

Brandon Pugh - Master business manager and problem solver

The Product

Strategy Launch makes strategic execution simple, visible, and accountable for executives across the world.

The Results

91% of our clients are actively executing their plans... Have you Launched yet?

More about the Founder...

When you ask for a Certified Master Facilitator for your consulting package, you're likely to get the founder of the company. You can see his full bio below.

A little something live...

What's Brandon like in person???

Brandon Allen, CMF, MEd, CCP


We all know it's about outcomes. Brandon is a master of transformation, facilitating the gap between uncertainty and results, engaging leaders and teams to build and execute effective plans that move organizations into action. In the end, whether it's a strategic plan, a business planning meeting, or team and leadership development, the goal is positive movement toward a better outcome, and Brandon delivers. His confident, easy, and fun style puts leaders at ease while engaging all participants, maintaining control of the process with strong personalities and observers alike. Bring him a challenge with diverse personalities, business pressures and uncertainty, and Brandon will deliver you a plan with buy-in, clear outcomes, and follow-through like you've never seen before. 

Brandon is a Certified Master Facilitator, holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development, is a certified coach, and has been training and facilitating since 1999. He has worked with organizations spanning the spectrum from P&G, Ethicon, Kroger and GE, to Gorilla Glue, Northwestern Mutual, United Way, Xavier University, the Cincinnati Police and the IRS. People walk out of Brandon's sessions and say things like "That was the most productive meeting we’ve had in my 20 years at this company." Because he keeps things fun, engaging, and driven toward actionable results, your plans will not only succeed to be built, but will be built to succeed.  Since an overwhelming majority of organizations ask for Brandon to come back, expect him to become a trusted and integrated partner in your business through organizational assessments, executive coaching, leadership development, and team dynamics.  

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